Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week 1: Business As Usual

It was business as usual today at lunch. I've got most of "Pennies From Heaven" down - just need to work on the last 12 or so bars because it varies at that point from the rest of the song. There's this really wacky chord, F#9.

Here's a diagram of the F9 chord. So, for an F#9 you'd just move the whole shape up a fret.

Apparently the F9 is Lyle Ritz's favourite chord shape. This is such a coincidence because I was just reading about "Tonight You Belong To Me" and apparently in the scene where Steve Martin is playing the song - it was actually Lyle Ritz playing and dubbed in!

If you don't know who Lyle Ritz is, first slap your hand, then have a taste of this.

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